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Mediation is an intervention whereby an impartial third party helps the parties to reach a new, common understanding. It gives space to resolve issues, preserve on-going relationships and time to defuse or calm heightened situations.

Mediation can be helpful in family or neighbourhood disputes, in workplace or personal settings, or as an alternative method of resolving complaints in the NHS and other statutory services.

Lorna Small leads a team of Accredited Mediation Practitioners with wide ranging experience including Court work, Health and Social Care Complaints, Investigations and Insurance work, Education and school governance, Charities and voluntary sector work.

The principles of mediation are:

  • It is confidential
  • It is without prejudice
  • The mediator/conciliator is impartial and non-judgemental
  • It encourages collaboration, working with people (rather than against them)
  • It offers a structured and open approach to conflict resolution
  • It seeks to help parties identify their own and others feelings and interests rather than defend positions
  • All parties get involved in mediation voluntarily and so are committed to seeking a resolution

The key to effective mediation is to try to offer it as early as possible before positions become entrenched.

The aim of mediation is to reach an agreement that all parties feel is workable, and which will foster better relationships in the future.

We can quote for mediation services on an hourly or daily basis.




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